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Name of the site. It appears in the title of each page.


Security domain to be used in accessing the site. The security domain defines users, user groups and roles as sets of user permissions. Domain Management conducted by one administrator through separate administration tools.

Parent site

Selected site is defined as the ancestor of the purposes of inheritance. It means, that if the required document or source file in this site not exists, will be provided from a parent site (or other superior site). Site inherits directly or indirectly from meta-site, which defines the basic documents and resources applicable to all sites (management interface, basic error and the overview page, the favicon and others).

Host domains

Domain address under which you accessed the site. In terms of SEO content should be accessible to the site under one domain, other then it should be redirected (by the administrator web server). For testing purposes, if necessary transfer (synchronization) across the site between different environments, there may be provided more domains, you should always separate them with the comma, without spaces.

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