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Atributy specifické složky

Name of the path

Name of the folder (document) in the path. It should contain only lowercase letters, numbers, dots, dashes and underscores. The name is used to store the body in the repository (becomes part of the path and then the URL). When you first enter its name when you are creating a document , it generates the name in the path automatically, while still able to modify it manually (eg, the need for SEO). For existing entities already in the editing can not name (as opposed to a name) change - if you need to change (= to make a change in placing entities in the store), use the Move / rename.


Language entity (document, folder, site). When you create a preset with the superposed entities (ie it is a hereditary property). Contents of the document should always be in a language appropriate settings of this feature. This feature is sometimes used in searches.



Enable listing

If this option is choosen, the system will allow viewing the contents of folders on the front-end by entering its URL - otherwise an error occurs 403 - rejected. In case of site and documents, this option has no meaning (on front-end displays always own published content of the document).


Position of the document in layer. This attribute could be used as sorting option of the document - see. attribute Sorting.

Sorting of sub-folders (documents)

Specifies which criteria will classify sub-folders (documents) in the lists (newsletters, sitemap, menu, etc.)

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