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Atributy specifické pro Dokument




Keywords are used to describe content of the document. Keywords could make fulltext searches faster and more effective. Please determine each word by comma.


Is used to display the contents of the document as a page, when you enter the URL on the front-end. Settings (assignment) of the layout makes sense only for documents whose content is displayed in HTML format.


Type workflow, which will be used for versioning content of the document.

Show in navigation and overviews

If this option is checked, the document will appear in the lists of sub-documents (subpages) on the front-end (overviews, sitemaps, menu, navigation, etc.)


If checked, this option will be possible to find with the full-text search on the Front-End (End User).

Automatic versioning

If this option is checked, changes in the contents of the document is automatically saved as a new version of the content. Auto versioning is currently supported only by File content type.

Secured (HTTPS required)

If checked, the document is accessible on the front-end only via HTTPS (secured connection). If, in this case, is made an attempt of insecure access (via HTTP), the system will redirect it to the same URL over HTTPS.

Expiration (in seconds)

Expiration of the contents of the document - if set, the output display of the contents of the document is saved to cache and will be displayed within the expiration period from there. It allows you to accelerate the display of documents containing programming which are time-consuming for processing (eg, presenting data from an external database).

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