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Multimediální galerie. Může obsahovat obrázky, ale i videa nebo zvuky.

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Galerie - front-endGalerie - front-end: prohlížení

Vlastnosti obsahu typu Gallery

Galerie - back-end

Thumbnail size

Dimensions of a small picture / thumbnail in the overview of the whole gallery expressed in pixels

Preview Size

Size of an image displayed by clicking on the preview. Both of these values (width and height) define the maximum possible size. As a result, the sides of the image are proportionally retained.

Images per page

Number of images simultaneously displayed on the page. If the total number of files in the gallery exceeds stated value, the paging will be automatically displayed

Images per the line

Number of images displayed in one line of the overview of the whole gallery

Video Size

The dimensions of the video files display after play. Both values (width and height) define a fixed size for display. Inside the window for display and launch of the video they maintain the proportional size of the file.

Video Parameters

Determination of technical parameters of the video playback.-ar: audio Rate,-ab: Audio Bit Rate, B: Video Bit Rate

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