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Prostor pro umístění souborů ke stažení

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Nástěnka - front-end

Vlastnosti obsahu typu Fileboard

Nástěnka - back-end

Items per page

The number selected in accordance with the requirements for the number of files (items) displayed on one page. If the total number of files on the bulletin board exceeds the stated value, it will automatically display paging.

From this computer

Select files to the message board from the users’ workstation

From the shared files

selection of files for a message board from the shared files


The short title of each added file. It is possible to change the title after you save it.


A brief description of each added file. The number of characters is not limited, for clarity we recommend 1-3 sentences.


Method of placing a newly added file between existing files on the message board. Optionally, the file can be included at the end or the beginning of the list. Position of the file in the list is possible to change later


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